Set up your canon printer, and connect to a computer, smartphone or tablet via ij.start.canon. Checkout complete installation, Setup and Connection steps to start printing.

There are three steps of process – 1. Install Canon Printer Driver , 2. Setup Canon Printer, 3. Connect Canon Printer to computer

Steps to Install Canon Printer Driver

  1. Go to ij.start.canon or canon.com/ijsetup on your computer device.
  2. Click on Setup
  3. Search for the Canon Printer Model and Click on Download to download the driver.
  4. Install .exe file of driver and follow on screen instructions to complete Setup

Steps to Setup Canon Printer

  1. Remove Protective Material
  2. Install Print Heads(cartridges).
  3. Pour ink
  4. Turn on printer, and then make sure Alarm lamp is not lit.
  5. Plugin Power Cable and Switch On Printer

Steps to Connect Canon Printer to Computer (wireless or USB)

  1. Plugin USB Cable in Printer and other side in computer Device You can connect it using Wi Fi or a router as well.
  2. Or Connect a computer and Printer over Bluetooth.
  3. Go to the Printer Driver icon and Click to open the Printer Software Screen.
  4. Load A4 paper into the printer.
  5. Start Printing

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